Syrup is a Kitchener-based studio created by Graham Hartnell in 2022.

Based on the mindset of always being able to see things from an obscure angle, the driving idea behind Syrup is to reimagine existing textiles, materials, and concepts in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily be perceived.

I love to call attention to the intimate design details we’ve come to take for granted in old fabrics, blankets, sacks, and otherwise utilitarian items; the mis-pressed stamps, the fudged hand-stitching, the questionable-colour-but-it-was-all-we-hand-on-hand. Taking these properties and playing to them, repurposing them into something special, celebrating the aspects we would’ve ordinarily glossed over as insignificant, is at the heart of what Syrup is all about.

I enjoy the craftsmanship of it all, and taking my time with pieces to create things that are one of a kind, and truly unique. Syrup is something special to me, and I hope you find joy in the things I make too.


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